Interview with Carlee Modra – Being The Tree of Life

This week I’m featuring a gorgeous lady by the name of Carlee – she’s a mama of three and also a Holistic Wellness Coach. Today she shares her wisdom and some insight into her gorgeous life. And she has some fabulous tips on self-love and care. Hope you enjoy x

Tell us about yourself!

I’m a mother of 3 divine little beings, striving to live to my highest potential. As a parent I try to be conscious with my children as much as I possibly can. As I’m sure many of you would know, this is no easy feat! I have a website  ‘Being The Tree Of Life’ which is all about health, wellness and creating an amazing life for yourself.. Based on the teachings from the Tree Of Life, as well as many other ancient and modern teachings. I totally belong to the Angel kingdom, and I connect with them every day.

Why do you do what you do?

I am so passionate about living the best version of yourself, whatever that may be in this particular moment. I am a student of life, and constantly opening up to new ways of thinking and seeing the world.  I want to pass on all the knowledge I have gathered over the past 5 years, and I absolutely love empowering women to see their true potential. Then embracing it to move forward into a life they never thought was possible.

Tell us about the Tree of Life and what it means:

The Tree Of Life is a metaphor for so many things, but mostly it’s about accepting where we have come from(our roots) in order to move into the amazing life that is waiting for us (our branches).  A Tree is so grounded, it is strong but flexible, easily moving with the winds of change.  A Tree never stops growing, and it never tries to change ‘What is’ – it simply goes with the flow of the universe.  This is possible for each and every one of us,  We are all trees; we just need to remember.

What’s your biggest dream?

Hmm.. that’s a good one! I have so many dreams, but my biggest dream would have to be reaching my highest potential.  Achieving all that I came to earth to learn and to help as many people as I can along the way.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Umm… Do I really confess to this one? Once I am out of bed I have to say, it’s terrible but I check my emails! However, because it’s winter I do my meditation while I am still in bed.  So this is always the first thing for my day*most* days!

Who inspires you?

So many people inspire me, but essentially they all share one common trait.  They are all living there truth.  They are in total alignment with themselves, never compromising who they are in order to please others.

Can you share 3 of your top self love & self care tips with us?

1.When your first starting out – saying ‘I love you *yourname*’ to yourself in the mirror.  This is something I learnt from Louise Hay, and can be a bit of a toughie! I still shudder sometimes when I do it… but finally I am starting to believe it.

2. Never compromising who you are for someone else.

3. Doing at least one thing every day to fill your cup up. Whether that’s a hot bath (no kids around!), sitting quietly with a nice cup of (herbal) tea, or whatever works for you. I think as mums we really struggle with putting ourselves first, but the truth is – if we don’t fill ourselves up first, we can’t be the best mum that we want to be.  Self-love & self care is so important, and is still something I am learning to incorporate consistently into my day!

Carlee is a mother of 3, a Holistic Wellness Coach, Naturopath in training and absolutely passionate about, Health, Wellness and Spirituality.  Her  website ‘Being The Tree Of Life’ is all about creating an amazing life for yourself, by first looking back, in order to move forward. Based on the teachings from the Tree Of Life, as well as many other ancient and modern teachings, She will show you how you to can embody The Tree of Life.

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