Work with Vanessa

Life Coaching 
I love helping wonderful women create wonderful lives. Coaching can involve making changes, working through fear and blocks, improving confidence, finding clarity, lowering stress, embarking on journeys of self love, deep soul searching and lots more. I help the stuck get unstuck and the disempowered become empowered. If you’ve lost your mojo, I can help you find it. Even if you’re a mum.

Often times, there is an overlap between people doing a lot of soul searching to find their passion, creating the life they want and then embarking on a business journey. Sometimes the hardest part is just FINDING YOUR VOICE, and HOW you’re going to translate that passion and special you into something tangible that resonates with others.

Are you wondering whether coaching is for you?

Coaching is forward moving – so we get to the point, and we create transformation by taking action. I’ll hold the space for you as you gain clarity around the challenges you’re currently facing.

If you need help placing your order with the universe, building your business, or finding clarity you have come to the right girl.

The investment: $85 per session. I send you a set of Reflective Questions and then we chat. One hour. Skype or Phone.

Drop me a line over here to schedule a session or have a chat.

Editing + Proofreading

To take on editing or proofreading work I really have to feel like your work is a good fit. That’s me being fair to you because I want my clients to have the best of me. So if you have a project you’d like me to help you out with, drop me a line and we can chat! If I can’t help, I can probably hold your hand and send you across to someone who can.

Writing, Speaking & Collaborations

I usually like to write and speak about parenting with a focus on mother’s wellbeing, working and parenting (the juggling act), as well as topics that empower mamas to chase their dreams and honour themselves through authenticity and honesty. I also love writing for kids. If you have a project or event in mind, the best thing would be to touch base with me. I find it hard to say no to projects that feel right and have a strong sense of purpose in helping others.

Read more about me here.