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The newest issue of Mindful Parenting Magazine is out now!

Jam packed with some fantastic content, here’s some of what you can read about in this issue of the mag:

  • Mel Horne of Soul Wellness Kinesiology talks about how the healing modality that is Kinesiology can help parents and children.
  • Expert on Real Food and Low Tox Living, Alexx Stuart talks about Low Tox Living, Common Sense and Feeding Kids!
  • Naturopath, Kate Harrison sheds some light on GMO’s and their potential impact on our health and wellbeing.
  • We’ve included a double page spread on Get Kids Reading, featuring some of the best books out there to encourage kids to read.
  • Naturopath, Robert Reeves discusses emotional eating and what parents can be aware of when raising kids.
  • Also included: articles on Fear Free Birth, How Tapping Can Help Your Parenting and more!

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