MEET THE EDITOR – Vanessa Carnevale

Who am I and how did I get here?

I’m Vanessa. These days I publish and edit Mindful Parenting magazine, I coach women who want to achieve wonderful lives, and I write. What I write about depends on the day. Sometimes I write for kids, and other days I write about the ups and downs of life and parenting or my former sweet life in Italy. Whether it’s writing for kids or writing for their parents, I feel most at peace when I’m putting pen to paper. Over the years I’ve been featured in The Green Parent (UK), Women’s Health and Fitness, The Herald Sun, and various other places here and there.

When I’m not writing I’m sometimes reading or cleaning. Or walking the dog. Or teaching my kids to read. I’m super passionate about kid lit.

I’m always on the lookout for new writing opportunities and I find it hard to say no to meaningful projects so if you’ve got anything for me, drop me a line!

My ultimate dreams:

- to publish a magazine – TICK!

- to publish a book (working on it!)

Here’s how it came about:

What were you doing when you decided to launch Mindful Parenting? I started my first business when my son was 3 months old and I was back in the workforce when I started Mindful Parenting magazine. I resigned from my corporate career in property sales to pursue what really meant something important to me; the magazine, my writing, and children. I was constantly striving for better work/life balance and I wanted to do and be all the things I have always wanted to do and be.

What inspired you to launch Mindful Parenting magazine? It felt like a completely crazy idea after I logically thought about it, but at the time I was simply inspired to start Mindful Parenting to provide parents, in particular mothers, with information that is relevant and authentic. I really feel like we are filling a gap in the parenting magazine market with the content we are delivering and the way we are delivering it. I want Mindful Parenting to be a magazine that parents look forward to, read back to back over a cuppa and then want to read more.

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