Interview with Sonia Choquette: Raising Six Sensory Kids in a Five Sensory World

The lovely Sonia Choquette is one of the world’s best known spiritual teachers. She’s the bestselling author of Ask Your Guides, The Intuitive Spark, The Power of Your Spirit and many more best selling titles. Sonia’s books are a must read for anyone wanting to understand and trust their intuition. I wanted to ask Sonia about how we, as parents, can support our children to trust their vibes and stay connected to spirit. I’m seeing a shift in things, where “wellbeing” including meditation and yoga is becoming more prevalent in schools and in extra curricular activities for kids and I think it’s wonderful. Wellbeing, to me, is more than just physical or mental. I was interested to see what Sonia had to say about this. I hope you enjoy the interview and I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please drop your comments below!


Can you describe what it’s like to live life as a six sensory person vs a five sensory person?

The difference between a five sensory person and a six sensory person is significant.  A five sensory person is literal and local in their perceptions therefore giving them a limited view of life.  A six sensory person is expansive and universal and therefore far better informed and current in their worldview. Therefore, a six sensory person is better equipped to make the most dynamic, creative, and inspired decisions in life than a five sensory person is. A six sensory person lives in spontaneous flow with the universe, feeling supported, guided and loved at all times. A six sensory person makes subtle connections between things and people in life, noticing the unseen, unspoken, and unexpressed energy that travels between people, therefore has better understanding of others and relationships as a result.  Because of their heightened awareness, and strong inner guidance, a six sensory lives a far more stress-free life, grounded in the natural confidence that comes from being connected to their divine source. This is the way we are designed to live and it is our natural birthright.

What are the best ways to help children stay connected with their intuition and connection to spirit?

There are many way to help you children to stay connected to their intuition and spirit but one of the most vital ways to nurture this connection is actually in the hands of the parents.  Parents set the tone for their children, beginning with how intuition is framed within the own home.  If intuition is looked upon as something negative or strange, then it doesn’t foster a safe environment for their own children’s intuition to thrive. As parents become more comfortable with their own intuition, they create space for their children to do so as well.   Children are expansive and using their intuition comes naturally to them. When parents foster this connection by speaking about their own guidance, it encourages children to get excited, share their intuitive feelings, and recognize that intuition is natural and good. In addition, parents can honor thier children’s intuition and guidance by teaching them to speak about it out loud and respect their vibes. Don’t make intuition something that is intellectual. It’s feeling based, so make a game of asking your kids how they feel in their bellies and hearts about things. With my own children, we played intuitive games such as wondering who is calling on the phone before we answered, or what color car would turn the corner next. It was fun while at the same time helped children check in with their intuition on these things.

If my children had a bad vibe, all they had to do was squeeze my hand twice and I knew they were picking up on something that didn’t feel right to them, and I respected this without question. This gave them the feedback that you don’t have to explain intuition to listen to it, which is very important to listening to your sixth sense. Making it a normal everyday part of life, intuition and spirit come through easily and naturally.

booksWhat are the benefits in doing so for children?

I would say the biggest benefit for children is that connecting to intuition and spirit is empowering and sets them up for a more joyful, creative, authentic life that will serve them well into adulthood and beyond.  Intuition means inner teacher – it teaches children to listen to themselves, their inner voice and creativity, which will help them in every aspect of their lives from dealing with everyday life to withstanding peer pressure and making positive decisions in adulthood. When you are connected to your Spirit and intuition, you don’t get caught up in the noise of the world. You’re able to differentiate between your authentic voice and everyone else’s. Fostering this early, teaches life long healthy habits of authentically joyful living.

What are the benefits for parents?

The benefits are for parents are the same as for children. It’s a family affair.  Raising intuitive children creates deep family connections. Children come in knowing who they are – with their own personalities, gifts, and  talents. They are their own unique beings.  When parents honor their children, their spirit and their intuition, they have happier, more productive, creative minded, solution-oriented children who can envision and manifest in their lives with ease. Not only that, creating and honoring your children’s true self, they have happier home and family life.  Parents can fully trust their children in the wider world and know that they are not going to be swayed by peer pressure or public tides.

My own children are participating in meditation, yoga and “wellbeing” classes in primary school – are you also seeing a shift towards educators recognising that total wellbeing (mind, body, spirit) is important? What are your thoughts on this?

There is absolutely a global shift in consciousness that is permeating the mainstream.  As these things become the new normal, the world is catching up to a healthy mind/body/spirit connection that creates happier people who are more balanced in life with leads to stress reduction, more productivity and creating balance.  Happy kids = happy family, happy family = happy community, happy community – peaceful world.

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  • Michelle August 9, 2013, 12:42 pm

    Love Sonia’s advice and practical application of sharing the Six-Sensory World with our kids. Well Done, Vanessa! Thanks, Sonia! Awesome article.

    • mindful parenting August 9, 2013, 7:02 pm

      Thanks Michelle! Love your enthusiasm and isn’t it such a great topic!

  • michelle August 9, 2013, 3:01 pm

    Thank you both for a beautifully informative article, here’s to a peaceful world x

    • mindful parenting August 9, 2013, 7:02 pm

      Here, here, Michelle! x

  • Ingrid August 9, 2013, 5:53 pm

    Fabulous Interview, Fabulous Subject, Fabulous Read and of course Fabulous Sonia……I love Sonia’s ideas and encourage my 3.5 & 7 year old boys to use their intuition all the time, whether it be to find something or simply asking themselves how they feel or what their body wants them to know, is it hungry, is it tired or is there something you could do to make it feel better. The responses are always enlightening, “I think it needs to stretch and do some yoga”, always sounds better to a mothers ear than “I want a chocolate biscuit”!!. We also keep a “Happy Book”, where they can write, draw or simply read positive affirmations or anything that assists them create a happy thoughts…..The shift from the subtle application of these methods and others has been a positive influence on not only them but the entire family dynamic. Thank You.

    • mindful parenting August 9, 2013, 7:03 pm

      Thanks for such lovely insight into what goes on in your home Ingrid! Love what you’re doing with your kids and I especially like the idea of a Happy Book. Fabulous idea. x

  • Noelle August 12, 2013, 2:02 am

    What a great article and such an interesting subject. More and more, I rely on my intuition and hope to make more efforts to encourage my children to rely on and express theirs. I love the responses, too. What a great idea to make a happy book. I love it and am going to make one for my house! Thank you all.


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