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Playing sport is a great way for kids to learn new skills, keep active, and make new friends, and teaches the value of fair play, teamwork and leadership, skills that Ben and Mike believe are essential in everyday life. The two new releases in the series are Get ready: Zoe plays tennis, and Ready set go: Harry goes cycling. More information on both titles is below:

Get ReadyGet ready: Zoe plays tennis is a fun kids book for girls. Zoe discovers the fun of tennis, grows confidence and makes a great group of new friends. Throughout the book she learns basic tennis skills, including forehands, backhands and volleys. Developed in association with Tennis Australia and the Hot Shots program. All the skills and tips have been provided by Tennis Australia and their coaching staff.

Ready set go: Harry goes cycling and Ready set go: Sophie goes cycling are fun learning to ride a bicycle stories that we can all relate to. The two titles have been developed with, and are endorsed by Cycling Australia and Aust-Cycle, and they provide official safety guidance, and tips on how to learn to cycle. Name personalisation is available for these titles on the Play Valley Kids website.Ready Set Go

The Play Valley Kids imprint was created after publishers Ben Day and Mike Griffin struggled to find sporting books for their children that used an engaging story to get child and parent to not only read together but to also encourage play and physical activity. The imprint has quickly gained the attention of leading national sporting organisations including Tennis Australia and Cycling Australia, who have partnered with GriffinDay to include basic skill elements into each story.

Official website:

Suitable for children aged 3-8

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