December Book Reviews

If you’re stuck for Christmas Gift Ideas, one thing you can hardly go wrong with are books. Let’s take a look at some of the gorgeous titles out there.

The Twelve Days of Aussie Christmas by Colin Buchanan

Scholastic Australia RRP $19.99 Ages: 3-5

Summary: Count down to Christmas with an hilarious cast of Aussies!

Review: This really is a fun book. It comes with a BONUS CD so the kids can sing along and get you into the Christmas spirit. With references to Surfing Santas and Jolly Jumbucks, the best part of this book is the Australian theme it carries. With over 150 things to find, this book is sure to become a Christmas favourite.
Little Mates: Christmas is Coming by Susannah McFarlane

Scholastic Australia RRP $4.99 Ages: 3-5

Summary: Connor and Chloe are preparing for Christmas! The question is; can they wrap presents, make cards and decorate the tree in time?

Review: These adorable Aussie Little Mates books really are gorgeous. Lots of adventure and fun packed into this little book.



The House That Wonky Built by Craig Smith

Scholastic NZ RRP $16.95 Ages: 3-5, 6-8

Summary: In this book, you can join Wonky at home and help decorate his house. There’s more than just words to entertain the kids with this one!

Review: This book makes a perfect gift. The fold-out book of Wonky’s stable, contains a tangible activity including die-cut, build-your-own play pieces and reusable stickers for decorating.


We’re Going on a Croc Hunt by Laine Mitchell

Scholastic Australia RRP $19.99

Summary: Kids seem to have a fascination with croc and bear hunts and this story is sure to not disappoint. 

Review: Join the brave animals on their croc hunt and have a sing along with favourite children’s entertainer Jay Laga’aia. This book comes with a bonus CD recording making it a perfect Christmas Gift.

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