Be the CHANGE this Christmas

I recently came across this touching video of a man who makes a difference in the lives of many with just one dollar.

This 10 minute video brings home the message that we can all make a difference in the world, we are all interconnected and it doesn’t require much to make change.

Watch the video here: Change for a dollar

My children and I watched this video together and that started a whole discussion on homelessness and whether anyone in Australia is homeless. Naturally, the inquisitive minds asked about what that was like. “How do they have a shower?” “What do they eat?” and so on. I realised I didn’t actually know how many Australians are homeless and was saddened to read that according to the Salvation Army, that figure is more than 25,000. Home-Less. Nowhere to eat, sleep, shower or cook. If you click on the link below you can read about how one family lost everything and had no choice but to live in and from their car.

As we’re approaching Christmas I can’t help but spare these families a thought. So our family is getting on board to help. We’ll make a donation to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal and my kids will contribute some money from their piggy banks to buy a toy to place under the Kmart Wishing Tree. We’re keeping it simple but know that it all makes a difference. I love how my children are on board with this and it’s made me realise that my children aren’t too young to understand and show compassion for those less fortunate. Next week I think I’ll clear out the wardrobes with my kids, instead of without them so we can chat about where the clothes they’ve grown out of will be going.

Over the last week or so as the store catalogues have been coming in, I’ve heard my kids reel off some of the orders they wish to place with Santa for Christmas and I’ve felt like I’ve needed to have this discussion with them, without taking the fun and magic out of Christmas of course. But I want my kids to appreciate what they have – the tangible and the intangible. I want them to grow up to be generous, kind and loving human beings. I want them to believe there is good in a world and I want them to feel comfortable about spreading kindness. Resilience and understanding how to stay safe is important, but believing there is good in the world is something I don’t want my children to miss out on. So for me, the best way to show them there is good in the world, is for me to facilitate us “doing” good in the world.

Does your family do anything to help those less fortunate, either throughout the year or at Christmas time? How will your family spread kindness this Christmas?

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  • Sarah November 28, 2012, 5:03 pm

    We also leave gifts under the wishing tree but this year I want to do more. After all the spirit of Christmas is really about giving and this is what I wan my kids to learn. Thanks so much for the reminder. Great video too.


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