It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It’s Christmas time! One of my favourite parts of Christmas is being able to share in the magic. Seeing the delight on my kid’s faces at Christmas time makes being a parent so much fun.

Santas’s Magical Kingdom, in Richmond, Melbourne, is one thing I am really looking forward to experiencing with my kids this year. A ticket to Santa’s Magical Kingdom gives you access to the gorgeous interactive walk-through, the rides, the attractions, the 30 min Christmas themed circus, Christmas sand art, gingerbread decorating and lots of Christmas fun to be had. To have time for having fun here, use one of the 5 Best Cheap Essay Writing Services for Students in 2022. The great part about it is that the ticket price covers everything except for optionals like food, Santa photos, merchandise or the carnival side games.

I can’t wait to update you on our magical adventure next week.

If you’d like to go along you can purchase your tickets here!




Relationship Based Parenting Telesummit has kicked off!

You might have noticed I posted a little while ago about the upcoming Relationship Based Parenting Telesummit I was invited to participate in as a speaker.  Well… it’s kicked off and it’s not too late to register for this series of free interviews if you haven’t already!

The telesummit includes interviews with parenting specialists including:

Michal Berg President and CEO of Spirituality for Kids. Born in Israel Michal lived most of her life in the US. She is the authority on spiritual parenting through her successful blog ” Spirituality for Parents” ( and her series of “parenting with consciousness ” lectures and classes.
Elisa Zied Founder and President Zied Health Communications, Author of Nutrition at Your Fingertips (and other books) and blog writer of The Scoop on Food for
Rick Johnson Founder of Better Dads, a fathering skills program, based on the urgent need to empower men to lead and serve in their families and communities. He is the author of 10 books on fatherhood, marriage and personal growth.
Susan Newman, Ph.D, Blog writer for Psychology Today Magazine about parenting and family relationships. She has written 15 books including The Case for the Only Child: Your Essential Guide.
Tobin Hart Founder of Child Spirit Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing the innate spirituality of children. He is also a university professor, author, psychologist and consultant.
Michael Gurian NYT Bestselling author of 26 books, pioneering efforts to bring the neuro-biology research of gender differences into homes, schools, corporations and public policy. He co-founded The Gurian Institute which conducts research and trains professionals.
John Rosemond has worked with families in the field of psychology since 1971. He is an author and nationally syndicated parenting columnist in over 200 newspapers nationwide. His approach to parenting has been considered controversial and his talks are provocative and informative (and entertaining).
Teresa Graham Brett Writer and consultant combines her work in social justice education and parenting. She is the author of Parenting for Social Change: Transform Childhood, Transform the World.
This would be me…! Vanessa Carnevale Australian editor of Mindful Parenting Magazine, writer and publisher. She brings meditation and mindfulness to parents and children.
Peggy O’Mara Editor and publisher of Mothering Magazine from 1980 to 2011, Peggy is the author of many books including; Natural Family Living and Having a Baby Naturally.
Jake Greenspan Jake worked with his father, Dr. Stanley Greenspan and implements The Floortime therapeutic method for working with children with a variety of developmental and learning challenges.
Marcelle Soviero Editor in chief of Brain, Child Magazine and writer, teacher and coach. Recent book: An Iridescent Life: Essays on Motherhood and Step Motherhood.
Pilar Placone, Ph.D Licensed marriage and family therapist, Pilar helps families develop mature, optimal relationships. Author of Mindful Parent Happy Child: A Guide to Raising Joyful and Resilient Children.
Naomi Aldort Author of Raising our Children, Raising Ourselves. Originally from Israel, Naomi is a public speaker, consultant, author and advice columnist helping parents transform to more authenticity and leadership.
Richard Gerver has been described as one of the most inspirational leaders of his generation. He is from the UK and his expertise is in education, leadership, change and the human capacity. His just released book is titled Change: Learn to Love it, Learn to Lead it.
Heather Shumaker Author of It’s OK Not to Share… And Other Renegade Rules for Raising Competent and Compassionate Kids. Heather is a speaker, journalist, blogger and advocate for free play and no homework.
Dr. Deb Kennedy, Ph.D a nationally renowned pediatric nutritionist and the author of The Picky Eating Solution. She is the founder of Build Healthy Kids and has developed programs for Dr. Oz and Dr. David Katz.
Marie Zullo Popular mommy blogger, writes about the humor and challenges of raising two boys with autism. Marie’s blogs are honest, funny, heartwarming and relatable to any parent.
Alfie Kohn Author of 12 books on education, parenting and human behavior including Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards and Punishment to Love and Reason. He’s been on Oprah, The Today Show and many radio programs and works with parents and educators across the country.
Emily Plank is a writer, thinker, educator and consultant in the field of early childhood education. She works primarily with educators and parents of children ages 0-5 years old.
Darlene Lancer Licensed marriage, family therapist and author, Darlene is an expert in codependency and self-esteem. Her latest book will soon be released: Conquering Codependency and Shame.
Tara Wagner Writer, life coach and guide through spiritual growth spurts. She helps others take their experiences in life and parenting deeper, facilitating inner work as we guide and support our children.
Gerald Newmark, Ph.D Dr. Newmark is the president of The Children’s Project, a non-profit organization focusing on developing emotionally healthy families, schools, communities and cities. He is the author of How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children: Meeting the Five Critical Needs of Children… And Parents, Too!

You can here one or all of these interesting and inspiring interviews by registering at