Dear Daughter… on your first day of school.

You’re leaving the nest to make memories of days filled with childhood innocence, fun playdates and the beginning of beautiful life long friendships. Exploration, adventures and big dreams. In the next few years of your life you’ll learn lots of things. From maths, to science and literacy to lessons on life. There will be ups and there will be downs. Mummy won’t be able to fix everything, although she wishes she could, but she will always have your back. Together we’ll celebrate the good stuff and we’ll talk about the tough stuff. And in between there’ll still be lots of tickles and giggles and never a shortage of cuddles.

I thought I knew the meaning of true love when I met your daddy. Then I had your brother. And then… I had you. You’re a huge ray of sunshine that lights up my life just like your brother. The last five years have been so beautiful and you’re growing up so quickly that part of me wants to keep you this size.

You’re patient and forgiving with a big beautiful heart that is wide open. Your smile and your big green eyes make me melt.

So far your career choices have been pink rainbow fairy, a pink alien and a mummy just like me. Mummy thinks that’s awesome and she doesn’t mind what you want to be, as long as you are you, you love yourself, respect yourself, try your best and do something you love. Your favourite colour was pink but now everything has to be purple. You love drawing and painting – mainly rainbows, happy faces and our family. You love butterflies, and crystals and fairies but you’ll happily play boy games with your brother too. Actually, you’re really easygoing. You still get up during the night to sleep with mummy and daddy. You bring an entourage of companions with you – pink giraffe, pink poodle and rainbow bear usually. And when I ask you why you poke me with your feet you tell me it’s because you want to be warm. I get it. I love our cuddles just like you do. As much as I’d like for you to sleep in your bed all night, I secretly don’t mind, because I know that there’ll come a time when you’ll grow out of the night visits just like your brother.

Last week you told me you loved me. You told me “It just keeps going. Never stops.” Right back at you sweetheart. Mummy loves you. So so so much. Hope you’re having a beautiful first day of primary school.

It’s only 10am and I miss you already. The house is so quiet. And today I don’t mind that there are toys on the floor and fingerprints on everything. When you ask me why my eyes are red, one day I’ll show you this letter and you’ll know why.

Love Mummy

How did you go with the back to school stuff? Were there tears? What kind?

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