School Jitters & Nesting Hearts

As the holidays draw to a close, I’m starting to feel the jitters. Those feelings many mothers feel as their youngest children leave the nest and ask themselves “What’s next?” I’ve answered the “What’s next?” question but I don’t know how I’m going to fill the house with the little giggles and big green eyes that belong to who I still see as my baby. She’s the little one and I thought these days would be so far away but now they’re finally here.

Nesting Hearts by Kimochis

Last year I found the perfect tool to help not only me, but my little girl to ease the separation we’ll feel as she walks through those school doors. Nesting Heart by Kimochis is a soft and velvety smiling heart nestled inside another holding heart. As soon as I was told about these gorgeous hearts by our friends at Kimochis, I knew I needed one and I knew this would be the perfect way to ease the transition into school. The concept behind Nesting Heart is that they are a physical and emotional symbol to help children feel connected to their loved ones at times of separation. So I’ll be sending off my little girl with a reminder that “even though we’re apart, you are always in my heart!”

I plan on holding my Nesting Heart close in those first days as I settle into a quiet house, most likely with a packet of tissues and copious cups of tea until I get around to patting myself on a job well done for raising two amazing children to school age, whilst feeling excited about the extra “me” time.

How are you feeling about your little one/s going off to school? Have you planned anything to make the transition easier?

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* Mindful Parenting has not received payment for the purpose of reviewing Nesting Hearts by Kimochis but was lucky enough to receive a complimentary Nesting Heart. We will only ever mention and recommend products we wholeheartedly believe in… just like this one.

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